Herb Zinser's analysis of the British science wars - Part 3

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Secret British social psychology experiments revealed by the Carl Jung collective bargaining labor agreements with the unconscious mind of British AIRWAYS.

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RD-Blog-123 Often newspapers report news about labor unions, the occasional labor stike, and labor negotiations about wages and working conditions with companies. This processs is called collective bargainging.....an example would be the year 2010.....… more »

Oxford University - oxygen atomic computer BASE 16 hexadecimal LUNG errors

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RD-Blog-102 An EARTH LAB test site for Ox = Oxygen atomic BASE 16 data processing in atomic bio-physics humans was established by NATURE at Oxford University in year 872. In year 1982 the oxygen atomic BASE 16 Hex'Fa'= 250 = Fa = Faculty INTELLECTUAL w… more »