Dr.Watson's secret cryptic messages explain modern wars.
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Dr.Watson in the optical nerve language MILITARY meets the FCC and the light bulb optics WAR.

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Dr.Watson has been re-activated to military duty in the Angstrom amplitude mountains of the Afghanistan elctromagnetic spectrum.

The Sherlock Holmes story " Reigate Puzzle" mentions DR.Watson in Afghanistan.

What is the modern day DR.WATSON and the British Military in Afghanistan? In modern communications theory of molecular cell social biology we have the DNA Afghanistan WAR messages for Watson and Crick.

Using United States SCIENCE WAR agency terminology we have the parallel:

external electromagnetic field evolution
--> FCC = Federal Communications Commission ....
..............the double-helix internal message system is:

DNA FCC = Francis C. Crick and DNA wireless Cricket broadband system.

Why is electromagnetic DNA --> EM DNA a problem?

Nature is constantly evolving and occcasionally mutations occur with errors: either physical mutations which have obvious physical visibility or the hidden symbolic thought mutations inside the human brain. In year 2011, the evolution of brain electron thought circuits with EM humans --> EM = EM.ployees and EM.bassy diplomats....have aquired this hidden EM feature of the subliminal mind. The conscious mind is oblivious to this process; but an objective science student realizes that this EM feature would explain many types of thinking and opinions as demonstrated on television talk shows and radio talk shows. Nature's warning message to civilization's comatose intellectuals. Thus the few remaining independent thinkers that read and understand the signifinance of this BLOG message ...many wish to send an e-mail to a university science department.


The super-symmetry bio-optical physics  light bulb used by the citizen government  for optical military attacks on the human eye/optical nerve/ brain SYMBOL MACHINE.

Thus the Darwinian evolution from the year 1953 Cavendish Labs DNA model ...to the year 2010 DNA electromagnetic mutations of television, radio, cellular phones, etc. The INTELLECTUAL WAR of the HIDDEN human subliminal mind.....is being fought VIA the Francis C. Crick DNA extension --> DNA Crick.et(ethics) broadband wireless INTERNET services. Thus the BRAVE NEW WORLD new world electron battle FORMAT:

copper wire PERSONAL COMPUTER electrons and their thoughts VS
biological ..PERSON...COMPUTER brain electron thoughts

Thus we have NATURE's announcement of a new dimension of electron warfare--> the new
VIRGIN Technology used in the shooting battle..the subtle, indirect message of the Virginia TECH University tragedy..... the brain electron design English language tragic message....with university CAD = Computer Aided Design of student CAD = CADAVERS.

Nature has human agents...to speak on behalf of Nature's intellect. Margaret Thatcher, the IRON LADY, is a ferrous oxide atomic agent for the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology...atomic government of the periodic table of elements of physics particle social expressions. The SCIENCE WAR needs intellectual warriors....that understand the basic symbolism and parallels of this BLOG. If so, we need some sort of alliance ..to effectively challenge those humans under the hypnotic trance whose potential existence was predicted by books: BRAVE NEW WORLD and 1984. Year 1984 was over 26 years ago.....hypnosis and thought distortion have had 26 ferrous oxide PROTON atomic years to evolve. Now I predict.... we may have a new version of BRAVE NEW WORLD....brave thinkers with clear, accurate understandings of basic social engineering processes and their feedback error systems.
Anyone out there? Any suggestions on how to have a unified group of SCIENCE WAR intellectual warrriors?

Brain radio neurotransmitter secret humanoid agents: DNA FCC = DNA Francis C. Cricket type scientists ....have yet to communicate to a analyst of NATURE: HERBERT MAX ZINSER.......Nature's symbolic son for Maxwell equations, Hertzian waves, and the bio-physics project plan........... Max Plan of Max Planck.

Update your symbolic brain life. The symbolic proper nouns: Sherlock Holmes and DR.Watson are symbol humans living in your optical nerve, brain memory, and your bio-optical computer SYMBOL MACHINE processor. They need news about their 100 year investigation into the subliminal mind of society and societies secret languages. Their hidden research now comes to light. Your blood/barrier barrier .....barrier to knowledge awaits the SIGNAL to wake up. Be intellectually BRAVE and become the next generation of: the Brave New World of accurate thinkers.

The Beattles of LIVER molecular cell biology came from LIVERPOOL, England and sent a science message to the world ...VIA song "Help". Why am I the only guy helping? The SCIENCE WARS need active brain warriors. The "HELP" song involved British scientists at the University of Liverpool....so while we are late....lets get started in year 2011 to solve the usage of brain hypnosis as a military weapon.

Now, in year 2011 we have the current optical nerve .... brain war zone with light bulbs.
Thus we see the modern photon light bulb-war ..... the electromagnetic helix wars with Washington, DC and their approval of optical nerve manipulation plots. Notice that the geometry of the new light bulbs is helix shaped ..... the Double-helix and the Double-cross ... treason in the intellectual optic wars. Thus the optic war battlefield and Virginia TECH English class 101 for eyes/retina/iris/pupils ..... a study in the CAUSE and EFFECT of VIRGIN TECH technology optical schemes and the very incomplete explanation about the TRUE, deeper nature of the tragic shooting.


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