Norway intellectual errors result in Science War casualties. Europe ignores the Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology war
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Norway continuum war -- introduction

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Norway and other governments of the world deny the many dimensions of Sartre existentialism. Government and university social scientists and economic researchers have become biased thru hypnosis ....hence string theory physics has now become ... applied physics to atomic humans. String theory accurately describes puppet governments and puppet intellectuals ....who ... thru lack of providing intellectual resources to the SCIENCE WAR effort...admit their lack of concern about the complex depths and levels of world affairs. Consequently, Norway has become involved in a THEATER of WAR ... the puppet string war of string theory ..... the SCIENCE WARS.

Mother Nature hoped that some intellectual institution or some newspaper publisher would rise above the bad intellectual habit of incomplete social science reporting. Newspapers and news magazines accurately describe the surface veneer of an event(date, time, place, victims, police data gathered). However, in the modern world, with the availability of Carl Jung atomic collective unconscious thoughts and astrophysics EVENT HORIZON Earth Lab symbolic, analytical tools ....... the police data base can be analyzed using advanced algorithms, atomic social psychology tools, Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family anthropology theory, atomic tables and mathematical symbolism, etc provide clues to the social engineering problems in various levels of society; especially, elaborate nonsense levels that exist in lieu of serious thoughts.

This major blog covers many of the components that converged to TRIGGER the Norway tragedy.


Europe ought fund North American serious researchers who think, study, and try to understand Nature's  vast atomic /astrophysics continuum in which our daily lives are embedded.




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