Applications of the Pauli exclusion principle to EARTH societies and cities

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Periodic atom table violations by the state of Minnesota cause the I-35W bridge collapse. The Pauli exculsion principle has excluded the quantum state of Minnesota because of their atomic anthropology errors. The atomic equations of the event.

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Rd-blog-365 The periodic atomic table government and its elements have many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic bio-physics humanoids with an experimental atomic brain with symbolic data processing abilities. These Margaret Mead nuclear f… more »

Quantum astrophysics battle confirmed at Fort Hood. The Pauli exclusion principle helps explain the Pentagon / DARPA / Texas universities experimental errors.

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Rd-blog-364 The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting test site. On EARTH LAB, various multi-facted dimensions of Sartre existentialism can be tested ..... either in physical format or symbolic format. Thus we have the phy… more »