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Math contradiction a cause of shooting battle between English and Math departments at Virginia TECH. Mathematical-physics denies existence of Nature's 24 hour Clock . . . .TIME equation.

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The American Mathematical Society and their English Department friends thru-out the world are puppets of string theory physics--> hence university puppet theater. Rather than rise to the intellectual challenge ...and help clarify the situation.....they deny the possibility of a biological clock paradox or question. Thus millions of students....have brain computer program defects. What was the biological clock TIME WAR message of Virginia TECH?

We look at the astrophysics DNA military project on EARTH...regarding space and time life.
This is a brief excerpt from the BLOG with keywords: Astrophysics TIME INSECTS..Science Wars.

--> Virginia TECH English department teaches:

....Twenty - Four hours = 24 hour day OR in math words

... Twenty minus four = 24 hour day (a math contradiction)

....Twenty minus four = 16 hour day ( the April 16 math battle)

Why the contradiction? And why does Virginia TECH refuse to discuss this issue..regarding the shooting by


Thus we look at the astrophysics DNA time equations....

--> Twenty - four hours = 24 hours
............... 4 DNA nucleotides and the biological clock

There are four nucleotides that make up DNA:
A = Adenine
T = Thymine
G = Guanine
C = Cytosine
Thus the English language phrase
--> Twenty-four hours is a biochemistry clock equation

with Twenty --> the TWENTY standard amino acids
Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids. Amino acids - The 20 standard amino acids. ... Amino acids. The 20 standard amino acids. > Home > Amino acids. non-polar, aliphatic residues ...

Some of the bio-LIFE-TIME amino acids are .....

with four --> the 4 DNA time nucleotides

Thus we have the State of RH factors in blood in bio-math/ bio-physics life....thus the State of RH --> RHODE Island with apparently ....intellectual existential problems in their symbolic blood flow...stream of consciousness.

Any MATH questions about Virginia TECH...ask the experts in Carl Jung math collective unconsciousness about the student body COLLECTIVE. They exist at EARTH LAB address with Charles Darwin identifier of Charles Street in the State of RH.....blood factors RH = Record Hexadecimal Base 16 news events of the April 16 Virginia TECH .....LUNG oxygen atomic computer 16 (atomic mass 16).

Questions about AMS Membership?
Contact the AMS:
AMS Member and Customer Services Department
American Mathematical Society
201 Charles Street
Providence, RI 02904-2294 USA
Phone: (800) 321-4267 (US & Canada)

AS a reminder, we still have the outstanding human math problem described in year 1910.

Principia Mathematica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principia_Mathematica - CachedSimilar
The Principia Mathematica is a three-volume work on the foundations of mathematics, written by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell and published in ...

Scope of foundations laid - The construction of the theory ... - Notation used in PM►

Principia Mathematica to *56 - Google Books Result
Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell - 1997 - Mathematics - 410 pages
Thus even if "x is a featherless biped" is formally equivalent to "a; is a man," it by no means follows that a person who believes that all men are mortal ...

Principia Mathematica to *56 By Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell

Alfred North Whitehead & Bertrand Russell - Principia Mathematica ...
www.scribd.com/.../Alfred-North-Whitehead-Bertrand-Russell-Princ... - Cached
Jun 18, 2010 ? C is a man," because A may never have considered the question whether featherless bipeds are mortal, or may believe wrongly that there are .....

Thus we have the year 2011 application:

A (American math) may have never considered the question whether (they are the) featherless bipeds...... these are important CARL JUNG math collective unconsciousness issues that ought be analyzed in the context of the modern intellectual conflicts...symbolic brain computer expressions in the SCIENCE WARS and their student casualties. Most educators are not qualified, because they haven't studied the situation .....and don't care to ....since they do not respond to inquires for assistance in this serious matter.

Thus, since universities neglect to communicate ....we have the
biological clock shooting at Utoeya, Oslo, Norway. Norwegians ought teach their children the correct description of TIME. Thus we see these the astrophysics EARTH LAB signal of
TIME WARNER corporation.....

AN = Alpha/numeric base 16 time agent
AN = Anders Be.HR.ring Breivik .........
...........Base HOUR ring
Norway and European government scientists ought explain at the
ANDERS trial ...what scientific space/time manipulation schemes they are up to
...and who they are working for?

Thus we have another LEWIS Carroll trial in Norway with he suppression of data.

Supreme Court of Norway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Supreme Court of Norway -
The Supreme Court of Norway was established in 1815 on the basis of the Constitution of Norway's 88, prescribing an independent judiciary. It is located in ...
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: And Through the Looking-Glass -
Lewis Carroll -
Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered,and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the (Norwegian) court. (As that is rather a hard word, I will just explain to you ...
Maybe NORWAY will consult with the THINK TANK that tries harder to give deeper and more profound descriptions of tragic events, accident, and world trends and affairs. The atomic/astrophysics anthropology continuum is apparently displeased with the BIASED views coming from American and British universities and governemnt labs; hence, the Hierarchy Problem .....an announcement by the periodic atomic table goverment that the atomic humans at FermiLAB, Stanford, MIT, Cavendish, Niels Bohr Institute ......have been demoted .....from Nature's point of view.

This concept to complex for most human brains .....who claim intellectual superiority over all aspects of existence; thus forgetting that in EARTH LAB set of existences and thoughts .........humans and their institutions are considered algebraic subsets.

Thus Virginia Tech,
Times Square battle at the WORLD Trade Center of Mass .....
and the incomplete explanations given...all approved by the newspaper reader audience.
The readers accept the shallow printed LOGIC FLOWCHART of CAUSE --> EFFECT reasons given for the tragic events.

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