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The Virginia TECH shooting and the Organic Chemistry molecular English language WAR

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The English language of organic molecules can be explained by example.

The American Chemical Society Division of Organic Chemistry has a well kept secret; that obviously is a problem ...that was expressed with the English department tragedy of Virginia TECH. The English department and history departments ought be more careful when they explain the Korean WAR and the 38th parallel ......the parallel processing regions of the symbolic universe on EARTH LAB.

First lets look at English language -->
English alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The modern English alphabet is a Latin-based alphabet consisting of 26 letters ? the same letters that are found in the Basic modern Latin alphabet: ...

letters: A..B..C..D..E..F..G..H..I..J..K
location 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10.11

Now every college textbook...introduction to ORGANIC CHEMISTRY clearly identifies the symbol CH for Carbon-Hydrogen as building blocks for molecules. Thus we have physical molecules and their symbolic representations...and their symbolic life ...from Nature's point of view.






Thus we have the Chemistry Society English language equations and Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE message...

symbols: C + H = K
address: 3 + 8 = 11





symbols: C + H  =  K --> China + Korea
address: 3 + 8 = 11 --> 38th parallel war



A convoy of U.S. Army trucks cross the 38th parallel during the Korean War. The parallel marks the dividing line between North and South Korea.


38th parallel north - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia South Korean and UN troops withdraw behind the 38th parallel in the Korean ...
Korea - Geography - See also - References - Cached - Simil.
Timeline results for korean war
1950 This fear of attack intensified with the Korean War, which began on June 25, 1950, when North Korean forces crossed the dividing line, established ...

1953 The Korean War ended on July 27, 1953, and the US Air Forces Air Rescue Service had emerged covered in glory, having performed rescues in combat ...
More timeline results »

Thus we view the war as an EARTH LAB organic chemistry molecular war...with biochemsity humanoids
agent/soldiers acting out the molecular conflict in the EARTH LAB region of Korea.



We are reminded of William Shakespeare.....
"The World is a STAGE and we are the actors"

Then we have a repeat of history at Virginia TECH with agent Mr.CHO.
The Darwinian organic molecule selection of humanoid agents ....selected the 38th parallel agent ...the CHOSEN ONE ...MR.CH as a chemsitry society messenger to increase social chemistry awareness.

Thus Virginia TECH
...............ECHO of the Korean WAR cover-up explanation ..nonsense offered by year 2007. Thus we see Nature's WAR signal to Virginia TECH is ignored:

Location Blacksburg, Virginia, United States
Coordinates 37°13′46″
N 80°25′23″W /
Date April 16, 2007
ca. 7:15 a.m. and ca. 9:40 a.m.?9:51 a.m.[1] (EDT)

The Coordinates of 37 13 a CLUE ... close approximation to the 38th parallel message.



Thus we have the social chemistry equation

Virginia TECH ECHO ..take algebra subset
............T .CH.......O....substitute K for CH..
............T ..K...O

Thus the TKO --> Technical Knock-Out of the univesities in the SYMBOL MACHINE  world...caused by their excessive number of arrogant social policy errors. Bertrand Russell ,George Orwell, Aldous Huxely and many others wrote books of caution .........thus the tragic consequences caused by ignoring wisdom.

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