Chromosome social science and economic expressions

The 23 chromosome secret Secretary of Transportation, Ray LAB Hood ....became the Base 16 hexadecimal Secretary on Jan 23,2009 to help Nature's trace of chromosome expression social vehicle ERRORS.

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After you read the post below, visit    
Information WAR site maps for access to several hundred  POSTS that help explain the Unified Theory of Everything (UTOE) .... which includes you, your friends, the region that you live within,  etc.   The Grand Unified Theory (GUT)  500 year project of Nature's systems from year 1453 / year 1500 makes this possible.


RD-blog-2021    Clues to  a  mystery puzzle


The geography map of the inside of human body /brain   .....that is the internal government and its city/states ....sometimes  mirrors the external geography map of the surface of EARTH.

The  EXTERNAL concrete Interstate Highway system parallel is
the INTERNAL  blood vessel highway transporation system.

Inside the the body  UPS (United PARCEL(L) Service) delivers vitamins and nutrients from the digestive system distribution terminal to individual cell address locations in the body.   Say for example, my arm muscle cells  might need some V8 vegetable juice to balance the bio-chemistry metabolism of that work region......thus a request signal goes to the brain for such resouces......which are then INPUT  and VIA the esophagus route ......arrive in the molecular cell biology MAJOR convergence center ...the stomach .....similiar to the UPS processing center, Jefferson Street in Chicago named after President Thomas Jefferson of

Monticello  .....
Mo....cell --> Molecular cell biology VIA humanoid Thomas Jefferson .....wrote the Consitution in 1776....for healthy bio-brain computer constitutions.

Then the various body delivery systems ...blood cell vehicles .....take the nutrient packages and deliver them to the appropriate cell address .....making bio-computer addressing the  modern parallel to copper wire computer addressing 
or Computer Earth system 370 addressing of those that add cotton dress shirts.....getting dressed in the morning  enables COMPUTER EARTH to identify your bio-computer address (dress code) location of the geography surafce of EARTH.


  1. 6 days ago ? U.S. Transportation Secretary LaHood Reminds Drivers to Pay Special Attention in Work ZonesAcross the Nation. U.S. Department of ...


Thus  he reminds drivers...that is human bio-computer sub-routine drivers .....
to pay Special Attention Einsteins Special Theory of Relatives .......

in Work Zones ......input work areas with Zoned Decimal Format that exists on Computer Earth system 370  COBOL computer program with the  geography/geology COBOL Environment statement  ...and of course the CLI = CLImate instruction --> CLI = Compare Logical Immediate

Thus LaHOOD (Lab Hood)  has many secrets about EARTH Lab Hood.



Ray LaHood - U.S. Department of Transportation

Jul 22, 2009 ? Ray LaHood - Secretary of Transportation. Ray LaHood became the 16th Secretary of  Transportation onJanuary 23, 2009. In nominating him ...


Base 16 secrets of hexadecimal Highway 16 Watertown, Wisconsin




His ZinJan Skull project  association is VIA chromosome date of Jan 23, 2009  and his internal biology system


Thus when Transportation Secretary  and his INTERNAL 23 chromosomes and 4 DNA nucleotides wish to communicate in the EXTERNAL world .......they use external world objects such as an iron automobile with
chromsome algebra subset signal
chrom.....e  ...metal meta-langauge  signal that a human
chromosome  metabolism message struture is traveling    ......

the iron automobile with chrome and with
 4 DNA equivalent rubber tires........and  just to emphasize  his 23 chromsome pairs ......may travel....  the the Y2k biological clock highway proposal of 4 DNA nucleotides with

  1. Transcription (genetics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ? DNA ? RNA ? ProteinCached - Similar
    As in DNA replication, DNA is read from 
    3' → 5' during transcription. Meanwhile, the complementary RNA is created from the 
    5' → 3' direction. This means its 5

Below we have the chromosome Interstate 23 proposal of agent Henry (bio-physics inductance agent)....whose subliminal mind coordinated the message timing for maximum directional TIME significance.....4 53  35  ...really 4 DNA nucleotides 5 --> 3 direction 3--> 5 during transciption.  What do these deeper levels of the message mean? Help?

DNA TIME MAP 4:53:35.......the   new    genetics signal below

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This is my proposal for I-23, running from north of Albuquerque to Montrose, CO. I will use the north end for an eventual connection to another proposed Interstate corridor.

The INTERNAL  city of Liver in North America  is represented by

the  EXTERNAL city of Livermore and the LAW of Liver Labs, California and the

non-communicating interface  physics agent/author "The Power Of Alpha"


Thus we see examples of the well-known Herbert Spencer outline of the internal/external  systems  from year 1872
Other authors have provided  related clues to biology and its social engineering systems....and the illegal manipulations by various humanoid  groups that claim  superiorty over Nature. The University fo Wisconsin Department of Agriculture  will not help research the EARTH LAB Lake Superior superior victory over the arrogant attitutide of Madison and the agriculture industry
Ag secretary Nilsestuen drowns in Lake Superior - JSOnline




Let's return  to the 23 chromosomes and the year 2000 biological clock Y2K   ERROR of the brain  bio-computer.

Let's look at the 23 chromosome MESSAGE  travels via Nature's Department of Transportation with  optical nerve/RAY of light with Ray Lab Hood ......the green light .....go with photon highway AND the chlorophyll highway signal (green light with Alan Greenspan )  messages about 23 chromosomes.


The living EARTH cell and its chromosome higway system



==> EVENT 1 .....TEXAS origins
Traveling back in time to Year 1966 ....we take HigwayRoute 66  out of Chicago and  then detour south .... down gravity highway to Austin, Texas  and  G=Universal gravitational constant  experimental region




Then we look at TIME ......and the Charles ....Charles Darwin   gravity/biology interaction  message for   Austin university on the architecture of the universe and EARTH LAB  versus  the architecture of university social science bull-stories.

The 1966 biochemistry  battle with the students of  Autism in Austin, Texas and their AUG codon problems.


  1. Genetic codon for protein translation - Biochemistry and Molecular ...
    Sep 25, 2008 ? ... Genetic codon for protein translation: Start codonAUG Stop codon: UGA ... forums » Biochemistryand Molecular biology » Genetic codon for



  1. Biochemistry - Google Books Result H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham - 2012 - Science - 1169 pages
    A second tRNAMet, designated tRNAmMet, serves to deliver methionyl residues as directed by internal AUG codons. Both tRNAifMet and tRNAmMet are loaded ...


Thus the Charles Darwin selection of Charles Whitman and his resultant behavior was directed by the internal AUG codon.....the biology government of NATURE ...which scheduled the  AUG codon signaling EVENT for AUG.UST 1, 1966.

AUGUST --> AUG + United States Tobacco and the Virginia tobacco trap using nicotine and cigarettes to trap the TEXAS secret neurotransmitter  bio-communications system.    Thomas Jefferson from 1776, Virginia tobacco, and cigarettes are used by Nature in modern times to protect and honor the orginal constitution , its goals,  and its evolutionary  mission expressed by Nature with  Thomas Jefferson.  Texas and other STATES of MIND  that seem to be  filled with  nonsense are unaccpetable to the modern living Constitution and its intellect and vision.  Law school professors and Constitutional lawyers need to upgrade their symbolic brains  with more accurate perceptions about the process of life and our social contract with Nature.


Medical Biochemistry - Google Books Result

  1. ...N. V. Bhagavan - 2002 - Medical - 1016 pages
    Sixty-one codons correspond to 20 different amino acids. 2. The codon AUG has two functions. It corresponds to the amino acid methionine when AUG occurs



  1. UT shooting comes just as Austin campus debates concealed ... - Similar
    Sep 28, 2010 ? The Texas legislature is expected to consider a law next session ... In 1966, a sniper shooting from UT'siconic clock tower killed 14 students



The 1966 UT Clock shooting  and killed 14 students ........ 
was repeated in 2011 at UT = UTOYA, N = Nitrogen  atomic mass 14  --> N = Norway nitrogen LUNG war signal.

Europeans can't tell time , never heard of atom N = Nitrogen  .........but they can LIE ...especially about  the  LIEGE shooting  ......and string theory/rope theory of  eu.ROPE   and their scientists...who ignore the Margaret Mead atomic anthropology  war ......battle  casualties.



---> EVENT  2   in year 1966 ... TEXAS origins  with Richard (Spectrum/tatoo)  Speck


Richard Speck

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Dallas, 1951?1966

After a year in Santo, Speck moved with his mother, his stepfather, and his sister Carolyn to the East Dallas section of Dallas, Texas, living at ten addresses Base 16 hexadecimal  news below

out just after his 16th birthday
paroled after serving 16 months (September 16, 1963 to January 2, 1965
given a 16-month sentence to run

On March 5, 1966, Speck bought a 12-year-old car  ...... this sentence REAL  significance  ....
Jerry March  ....Advanced Organic Chemistry text and 12 atomic mass carbon



Chicago, April?June 1966

On June 30, his brother-in-law Gene drove Speck to the National Maritime Union (NMU) hiring hall at 2335 E. 100th St. in the Jeffery Manor neighborhood of South Deering, Chicago, to file his paperwork for a seaman?s card. The NMU hiring hall was one block east of six attached two-story brick townhouses, three of which were occupied by South Chicago Community Hospital senior student nurses and Filipino exchange registered nurses, eight of whom lived in the easternmost townhouse at 2319 E. 100th St., just 150 feet from the NMU hiring hall


Thus we see the  social LAW of Gene ......Genes with Benjamin Lewin textbook  on Genetics.
Sentence above states .......Gene drove....this is TRUE  since biochemsitry/genetic rseaerchets of Nature  have determind thta the Gene drove .....or the gene driver/nagivates on behalf of Nature's quest and curosity  ...thus the gene is a bio-computer subroutine driver with a goal/navigation direction some cases..........and that may inculde gene social engineering goals or gene economic goals  or  gene Hollywood movie expressions via GENE Hackman movies.

above article .... Maritime union hiring hall at 2335 E 100 th Street ,  Chicago gives several clues ....for study..

- Mari.TIME Union  ....TIME Union with the Texas Clock Tower in summer of 1966

- 23 chromosome address  location of 2335 E 100th Street  with   
address   23 35 E 100th street ....35 giving  the  3--> 5  code described below


Transcription (genetics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

As in DNA replication, DNA is read from 
3' → 5' during transcription. Meanwhile, the complementary RNA is created from the 
5' → 3' direction. This means its 5'


- 2335 E. 100 Street ....... algebra subset symbols are
...23 ........100  ...and in their expanded context are
...23 .......B100D alpha/numeric blood messages...the Martime flow of blood and information , University of Chicago English class book circulation,  and the

  1. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Free Study Guides for ...RICHARD SPECK

    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a narrative poem in which a seaman tells another man a strange and terrifying tale

...23 chromosomes  and their  Maritime Journey  begins  .......advanced living EARTH  cell transportation theory  of subset components of existence on the surface of Earth Lab  .....including those biochemistry and symbolic components that comprise the EARTH Lab human social engineering test specimen.




Thus we have year 1966 ......with major signals in genes, chromsomes , biological clocks errors,   the architecture of TIME , brain bio-computer, gravity interactions with human   brain  and its atomic mass thoughts,  the English language blood circulation ..etc .

What direction ought Nature go...with the variety and  divergence of questions that the majority of intellectually lazy, brainless American  people will not answer.





  1. U.S. Route 23 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    U.S. Route 23 is a long north?south U.S. highway between Jacksonville, Florida, and Mackinaw City, Michigan. It is an original 1926 route which originally



U. S. Route 23   chromosome messages

US Chromosome Highway 23 Accident  Report

Accidents and Current Road and Traffic Conditions on US Highway 23. ... Us 23 | ohio. 23. A two-vehicle injury accident in Sylvania Township has blocked ....

- 2347 S. Michigan, Chicago, E2 dance nightclub  tragedy

- 2339 S. 43rd Street, Milwaukee and Norberg/Graham chromsome police

- 23 the age  of Mr. Cho and his Base 16 chromosome expression of April 16 at Virgin TECH university ...the school  of incomplete explanations

- 23 chromsome student hostages at puppet /Marionette High School with Sam Hengel

- 23 chromosome pairs .... bio-computer 23  implies base 2 exponent 3 = 8 data bits

- 23 signal from Los Angeles VIA    the brain cell WALL of -->WALL Street Journal reporters  and the WALL  by Pink Floyd.









In addition, we have the 23 chromosome LINK to time the above picture.

Thus the Department of  Transportation with   Nature's undercover secret  agent  ....because of his LaB HOOD   SECRET he was appointed SECRETARY of  Transportation ...for many  hidden dimensions of  existence  ...from atoms to biology to Base16 data processing .  Thus the 11 dimensions  as mentioned by string theory physics.


I tell you ......this  good guy  travels around ...... helping create empirical data useful  for serious analysts.

The 23 chromosomes battle at Virginia TECH - - - > the blood-plasMID - - > MID-Atlantic States biology war map

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Rd-blog-2020    Concepts to  a puzzle for you to complete.


The Virginia TECH experiments in advanced awareness ......
Delaware ...STATE of MIND

The geography map of the inside of human body /brain   .....that is the internal goverment and its city/states ....that sometimes  mirrors the external geography map of the surface of EARTH.   

The  EXTERNAL concrete Interstate Highway system parallel is
the INTERNAL  blood vessel highway transporation system.

The INTERNAL  city of Liver in North America  is represented by
the  EXTERNAL city of Livermore and the LAW of Liver Labs, California and the
non-communicating interface  physics agent/author "The Power Of Alpha" Woman: An Intimate Geography (9780385498418 ...

  1. So when a book comes along as beautifully written and endlessly informative as Natalie Angier's Woman
    Intimate Geography, it's a cause for major



blood-plasMID   internal map VIA the external


Mid-Atlantic states

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Mid-Atlantic Region
US Mid-Atlantic states.png
Regional statistics
Composition Delaware Delaware
Maryland Maryland
New Jersey New Jersey
New York New York
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
Virginia Virginia
West Virginia West Virginia
- Total

191,308.5 sq mi (495,486.74 km²)
- Total


57,303,316 (2008 est.)[1]

299.53/sq mi (116/km²)
Largest city New York City New York City (pop. 8,246,310[2])
GDP $2.962 trillion (2007)[3]
Metropolitan Areas New York?Newark
Norfolk?Virginia Beach


The Mid-Atlantic states, also called middle Atlantic states or simply the mid Atlantic, form a region of the United States generally located between New England and the South. Its exact definition differs upon source, but the region often includes DelawareMarylandNew JerseyPennsylvaniaWashington D.C.New YorkVirginia, and West Virginia, though the latter two, especially Virginia, are generally considered Southern states, as are occasionally Maryland and Delaware.

The Mid-Atlantic has played an important role in the development of American culturecommercetrade, and industry, yet it is one of the least self-conscious of American regions.[4] It has been called "the typically American" region by Frederick Jackson Turner. Religious pluralism and ethnic diversity have been important elements of Mid-Atlantic society from its settlement by DutchSwedesEnglish Catholics, and Quakers through to the period of English rule, and beyond. After theAmerican Revolution, the Mid-Atlantic region hosted each of the historic capitals of the United States, including the current federal capital, Washington D.C.


The above extertnal MAP, helps us  undertand the symbolic thoughts and expressions of internal biology systems and their symbolic descriptions  ( internal geography maps)  of themselves VIA humanoid messenger  output writers for the Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic bio-computer processor.



  1. Central Plasmid   Antisense Administration Reduces Blood Pressure ...

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    by H TRIANTAFYLLIDI - 2006 - Cited by 1 - Related articles
    fed SHRs, while a control group received plasmid alone. Results: There was a significant fall in blood pressure, by an average of 31 ± 12 mmHg, within the first ...


Below  we see ......Washington, DC   biology Foreign DNA represenatives are Foreign DNA = Dipolomats North America.
They belong to a ELITE secret communiations society ..... hence, they  do not acknowledge the SCIENCE WARS and the Europe rope/string theory casualties at UTOEYA and  Liege.      These people just describe external REALTY events using  a mixture of  partial REALITY mixed with Hollywood style creative writing class techniques ......... which appear in local newsapers  for  IDIOTS  and FOOLS.  Universities promote these  incomplete explanations.   

Thus one must think beyond BRAVE NEW WORLD, 1984, Future Shock.  Those authors warned us.   I ignored their book advice until recently.....then I awoke after I reviewed CLIFF NOTES and  other  publishers sensible explanations about symbolism and indirect  writing techniques.     HOLY COW!     What's  happening?



Foreign DNA = Dipolomats North America.




Thus we have Nature and its genetic/biochemistry molecules at WAR  with the  those that refuse to help fix the various social engineering policy errors of civilization. Step number 1 in that process   is to accurately understand Nature's control systems and the relationship to subset humans and subset human institutions.

  1. Virginia Tech massacre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
    The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on April ..... 

    The shooter was identified as 23-year-old Seung-Hui Cho




  1. VA Tech massacre survivors, family press US lawmakers | AlterNet,_family_press_us_...Cached
    Mourners hug during Virginia Tech's Day of Remembrance honoring the 32 people ... 
    23-year-old Virginia Tech student born in South Korea, shot to death 32 ...


VA technology     age 23 ---> bio-physics mirror  --->  32 dead VirginiA  = VA
VA technology --> Valentine's Day,  Cole Hall  Oceania classroom shooting



VA Tech massacre survivors and the Depart(mental)  of Energy atomic brain cell experiments,


  1. PDF]

    VA: Universal Theory of Weak Interaction
    The story of the discovery of the Chiral V-A interaction in the classic weak processes of .... shak. in Frontier Physics: Essays in Honour of Jayme Tiomno, World ...
  2. VA: Universal Theory of Weak Interaction - Sudarshan: Seven ...
    Chirality Invariance and the Universal V-A Theory of Weak Interactions; with R. E. Marshak. Frontier Physics: Essays in Honour of Jayme Tiomno, World ...
  3. A modern introduction to particle physics - Google Books Result, Riazuddin - 1992 - Science - 656 pages
    CHAPTER 10 WEAK INTERACTIONS 10.1 VA INTERACTION In analogy with electromagnetic interaction JA , Fermi proposed for pVdecay the interaction JJ ...
  4. High Energy - Physics at the University Of Virginia - Similar
    The Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics group acknowledges that the fundamental task of physics is to learn the rules of the basic interactions governing the ...

VA interaction the Department of EN = Energy
VA = Virginia the Deaprtment of EN = English





Thus we see bio-physics string theory in action....that is social science expressions/actions .... with various  CONCEPT elements intertwined ...that are needed to undertsand modern EVENT feedabck signals...that is engineering ERROR feedback sigmals  in the format of TRAGEDY to get newspaper attention get scientists and math attention.

Thus we have the WAR with the
UN G  = Unconscious  humanoid bragging Group in that meets in Manhattan...
UN G  = UniteD NAtions Group......sample space statistcal test countries /tribes
....................eDNA = extended DNA engineering DNA, symbolic DNA ...


_ UNG  
LUNG  = LU + UNG = Logical Unit  bio-computer UNG ......Darwinian selection of  
age  ....23 ....representing 23 chromsomes English language VS  school bull-stories

LUNG  = Locate eligible    UNG candidate for sacrifice to the  VIRGIN Universe......

Cho Seung  Hui ......English department subset alphabet  letters.....
Cho se...n --> The CHOSEN  ONE  for  Virgin TECH  parallel/supersymmtry  physics project.

The   Department  of Energy and Office of Science   parallel atomic humanoid...the Chosen  ONE  =   FermiLab  oddONE.




The University of Chicago,   IIT,  Circle Campus,  Northwestern  atomic subliminal MIND of  professors is  so impressed with the social psychology experiment  in Einstein's brain DATA FIELD theory at Field  Museum  ............that is the Egyptian mummy displays....... and the concept of embalment Field Museum, Chicago   .....that the  professors and graduate students  try to emulate the   MUMMY experiment .....that is ..

they SHUT-UP, remain silent..... 
they think about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.....
they think of Pilgrimms ......pills and Grimm diseases ....
they think of Sleepy of Snow White(House) and Dwarfs

and will not inquire about the 
Science wars,
Brave  New World,
George Orwell  1984  Oceania shooting at Cole Hall oceanography class ...... and  
Karl Marx class warfare  in the classrooms of grammer schools, high schools, and universties.

Thus we have some CLUES to an interesting puzzle .....that requires more thinking and  some action ....starting with communication action to clarify the precise Nature of  Margaret Mead atomic anthropology ...nuclear family  WAR signals.



What school will the next 23 chromsome battle take place?

23 student hostages at Marionette High School as the BOY Scouts of America are under the chromosome attack for their  policy  ERRORS regarding their Social Contract with Nature as orginally outlined By JOHN LOCKE.   The  Boy Scouts don't care to understand the modern world.  The FFA doesn't care care about the Matt Anderson bio-computer subroutine driver error.

Do you care?  
Spread the word about the Science Wars and the human chrosomome battles......with football game gamete command errors.