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Information WAR site map 18 - Part 1

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Herb Zinser's Project Plan Z - Part 1

British Science Wars - Part 1

American Science Wars

Europe and the Science Wars

Oslo and the Science War casualties

Norway and the Social Science wars

The Baltic region and Norway

Russia secrets of the Solar System science war

British Astronomy - Intellectual Wars

The astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION - Earth LAB

Time WAR reports

American Biochemistry - Social Science Wars

The evolution of DNA expressions

Organic chemistry molecular war reports

Math and Physics - social science reports

The Atomic English Language - Science Wars

English Language war signs and the DEATH Sent Sentence

Quantum Anthropology - the K, L, M atomic social science WAR reports

Atomic Anthropology - the K, L, M atomic social science WAR reports

String Theory physics - Social Science War news

The supersysmmetry wars between 2 EARTH dimensions and their formats of existence

The Parallel Processing WAR - status reports

Nature's super-strings LINK many dimensions of EARTH and Society.

The Earth Gravity Battlefield and Gravity Murder

The Earth magnetic field war casualties and the BORG

The Science War for control of Cities

Penn State secrets exposed by SOCIAL SCIENCE wars

Theology and Religion - Social Science Wars

The world neurotransmitter Philosophy Wars

Understanding Philosophy military expression formats and messages

Modern Law - the evolution and status of the Constitution and the American legal system

Modern Legal System expressions of human molecule thoughts.

The evolution of molecule military ATTACK expressions

The evolution of atomic political science

The secret identity of various Science RD agents

Symbols and the atomic English language messages

Modern symbolism with Darwin selected human S-agents

The secret languages of movies and television

M-theory physics of atomic Murder Systems

The Earth government Military Command Structure

Nature's math and molecular war messages

Site Maps to various social science BATTLEFIELD reporting systems

Social Science Report Contact ---> Herb Zinser

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