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Information WAR site map 18 - Part 1 »

Information WAR site map 18 - Part 2

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British Science Wars

Europe and the Science Wars

Oslo permutation Solo ---> Hans Solo ..... Solomons Star War casualties

Utoeya --> the Island of Dr.NO

Dr. NO defeats Dr. NORWAY and European policy thinkers

Norway and the Science War casualties

The BAL computer WAR region of the BALTIC

Denmark universities trapped in Science Wars

Poland and the Chicago Polish SCIENCE Wars

Russian secrets of the Solar System Science Wars

Italy and the Italian language SCIENCE WARS

Asia countries and their Science War role

China and its role in the Social Economic Wars

Australia defeated in the brain neuroscience WAR

African conflicts provide SCIENCE WAR data

Penn State secrets exposed by molecular social SCIENCE WAR

Quantum Anthroplogy WAR reports

Quantum EARTH geography surface BATTLE reports

The Schodinger cat in the sand box wars

The Eigenstate battle of English in the State of Virginia

Standard Model physics - Science WAR news

Supersymmetry physics war - newspaper reports

The supersymmetry battle for control of EARTH civilizations

Supersymmetry physics battle of DARK MATTER to control societies.

The Time dimension wars

Chemistry --> social chemistry war reports

Mysteries of Astrophysics math life formats living as humans on Earth

The Earth government Military Command Structure

Nature's math and molecular war messages

The Electro-Magnetic Field casualties

The G.I.JOE food war and the Food Science Wars

Music manipulators defeated in the SCIENCE WARS

Secret languages in books and magazines

The secret languages of the SYMBOL LIFE format

Dr. Watson in Afghanistan explains secret war messages

Understanding the secret languages of some authors

The secret messages of Darwin selected RD agents

The SCIENCE WAR secrets of Sports and Games

The secret languages of movies and television

Social Science War evolution -->the algebra subset of Biology --> Blog Wars

Site Maps to various Science WAR reporting regions

The Science Report contact ---> Herb Zinser

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